Toys R Us

They say to pat, tap

And never stretch

For our flesh is sacred

Sacred! Sacred?

Scared? Sacred?

Scared? Scared?

These uneven lumps

Strewn about by

Unforgiving nature

This nose, a slime hole

Protruding hairs

Gross but “necessary”

These frigid french fries

Dipped in chipped paint

Indicating passed “time”

Bones wrapped in dumb flesh

Matching limp limbs

Haphazardly hanging

I can see them now

On birthday eve

Carefully stitching us

Made fit to forget

With sweet sirens

Of “rationality”

Swiftly beating bomb

A bloody tool

The fatal human flaw

Placing us neatly

Underneath trees

“Mother nature” they say

Molecular cells

(Wrapped in warm nude!)